high altitude

Marathoner Ed Eyestone suggests that the "sweet spot" for altitude training is between 2.133 and 2.438 meters (7.000-8.000 feet) and many coaches believe that altitude training is most effective at the peak of training , near the date of competition. 

How does it work ?

Watch the video which explains how living and sleeping at low oxygen can improve your performance, published by AsapScience !

Advantages of high altitude training

Benefits of high altitude training are :

  • increased lung capacity
  • increased lactic acid threshold
  • increased hemoglobin mass and red cell volume
  • muscles more efficient at extracting oxygen from the blood 

Our technology

With our high altitude training solution we provide you maximum comfort . No tent, tunnel or other mobile structures, which restricts your free space during rest,  are required to create a high altitude room. With our concept we can turn any (bed)room into a high altitude room. Even the generator which reduces the oxygen in the room, doesnot have to be in the room it self. Noise and heat produced by the generator is avoided and with our Storex noise adsorber, restless nights are history. With your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet you can start the generator from a distance, making sure that the room has reached the altitude right on time. If you already have a generator, an upgrade to our concept is no issue !

Benefits of our Condor system :

  • more comfort during sleep because tent, tunnel or mobile structure is required
  • very low noise level with the storex noise adsorber
  • control from a distance with any mobile device Apple or Android
  • optimal room conditions, less heat, less de-hydration and less unwanted odors and gasses
  • can be integrated in exisiting equipment 

Our references

Many top-athletes are using our concept to improve their performance.