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DCA Storage

Storing fruits at the lowest possible oxygen level, gives the best fruit quality after storage, better firmness, better shelflife, less external and internal defects, like skin spot, scald and a better taste expecially compared with fruits treated with 1-MCP.  To store at the lowest possilbe oxygen level, WUR has introduced DCS manual late 90'ties. By measuring the level of ethanol of the fruit during CA-storage, the oxygen level of storage is dynamic (DCA).  Measuring ethanol is the only reliable and direct marker of anaerobic fermentation. Moving around the optimal oxygen-level,  called ACP (anaerobic compensation point) or LOL (lowest oxygen level), gives us the best fruit quality. Ir. M.P. Montsma of the WUR in Wageningen explains the advantages of DCS in the video. Together with WUR Wageningen Storex has developed the DCS automatic.

complete CA installations

 In our factory Storex designs and builts all the machinery which is required for a reliable and secure storage of your fruits and vegetables. Depending on size of the project, capacity of the rooms, required atmosphere conditions etc. etc. , our specialists calculate the required scrubber and generator capacity, required diameter of tubes and fittings and advise which options are required to have the right tools and instruments to store your fruit or vegetable in perfect conditons. 

turnkey CA projects

With our project team and local partners Storex offers complete turn-key projects world-wide. From building the storage rooms, providing and installing the CA-doors , supplying and installing the cooling system  with a (local) partner, Storex provide our clients one-stop controlled atmosphere. Due to our powerful network of dealers, agents, distributors, we can provide local service and maintenance.  If required Storex can provide personal post-harvest consultancy or our big-data system ADM Cloud  to facilitate the local consultants. Please ask us about the possibilities.

CA infrastructure

Not only reliable CA machinery but also room equipment is required to store with CA . Storex supplies roomvalves, humidifiers, breatherbags, measuring taps, security valves, aeration fans, tubes/pipes and fittings, ozon generators / ionyzers, palletbags (softfruit storage) etc etc. 

To install the room equipment properly we work with a network of experienced technicians. On request we can train people on site, how to install the equipment properly or we can provide worldwide a supervisor.

CA climate control

Each organism has its specific optimal climate conditions. even the geographical location of the grow season has an impact on these particular storage conditions. For example in the Netherlands pears are stored at a temperature of -1 degrees Celcius, CO2 < 1% and O2 between 2-3% and dehydratation should be avoided. 

With our hard- and software, we are able to control and regulate  oxygen (O2), carbondioxide (CO2), ethylene (C2H4), relative humidity and temperature in closed areas. Through MODBUS our system can be easily connected to additional equipment or external dashboards powered by Siemens and other MODBUS supporting PLC's .  Please ask us for the posibilities.  

CA automation

Wether you would like to control your CA-equipment with your smartphone or tablet (Android / Apple supported), or store your data safe and secure in the cloud, Storex provide you the tools and technology to facilitate the management of your storage in detail. 

 Through our secure VPN-network we can provide local support anywhere at any time. With our Storex Remote Service, we can optimize the machine processes in order to get the maximum capacity at the lowest energy input from your adsorber and generator. Down time will be reduced to a minimum with our remote diagnosis in case of a malfunction. 

CA tightness & coating

To store at controlled atmosphere levels , the storage room needs to meet a specific gastightness. Especially if DCA storage is applied ( oxygen < 0,7%) the gastightness of a room is very critical. To a certain extend, leakage can be compensated by injection of nitrogen gas. But nitrogen is expensive to produce and affects the temperature and humidity inside the CA room. In practice testing and evaluating the gastightness of a room is very time consuming. Especially for this purpose Storex has delevoped a complete automated instrument to test  and evaluate the gastightness. This instrumentART automatic room tester is commercial available or can be rented from Storex or your nearest dealer. 

Additional Storex offers the complete service or testing and evaluation of the gastightness, finding leakages and improving the gastightness by servicing CA-doors and coating the panels. 


In this slide show a small impression of our projects worldwide .