About Us

Company information

Founded by three pioneers, Wilfried van Gijsel, Lieuwe Bakker and Peter Kooijman started Storex in 1995. HQ (the sales, marketing and finance department) is situated in 's Gravendeel (the Netherlands) . The production and service department is based in Belgium. 

Due to our progressive research and development, Storex has become market leader in CA innovations. 

Our service

Our products and services are available in more then 35 countries worldwide. With a professional network of dealers, agents and high-tech communication we can provide local service and maintenance to ensure you maximum benefits from your Storex CA technology. Interested in a dealer or agent nearby. Please contact us on our contact page and we will send you the contact details of our closest dealer nearby. If you are interested to become a dealer or agent please contact us also on our contact page


We choose Storex because of their excellent support for our customers and us. The machines are reliable and long living in operation. 

Mr. H. Kratschmayer - CEO of Kratschmayer GmbH