VSA nitrogen generators

Vacuum Swing Adsorption generators

VSA nitrogen generators
Nitrogen, N2, is used to lower down the O2 level in CA rooms  for minimizing the respiration of fruit.
Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) technology  for production of N2 is originally designed and introduced for the fruit industry since 1993 by Storex. Since then it became the most appreciated standard for cost effective production of nitrogen in the industry. The capacity of the models varies from 7,8 m3/hour at 99% upto 100 m3/hour per unit. From the model VSA25 and upwards , the generator has an oil free vacuum pump. This claw-compression pump from Busch has a very low maintenance interval and Storex garantees 5 years free of maintenance with a maximum of 10.000 hours. 

What is vacuum ? 

Storex uses first class components to build a robust, compact and a high efficient nitrogen generator. High quality active carbon CMS is used to filter out the oxygen molecules. A solid powder coated frame and vessels ensures a long life usage. First class electrical components from Schneider Electric  garantees reliable control of all mechanical parts. At the heart of the generator our VSA models (from VSA25 and upwards) are equipped with a maintenance free blower and vacuum pump from Busch. Please watch the video explaining vacuum and the superior quality of Busch pumps..

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